by Brandon Wenerd on November 30, 2012

But here's the important thing: “Mo Bros” raised close to $95 million worldwide over the past month to support prostate cancer and testicular cancer research initiatives. $15 million from the United States alone. If you grew a mustache this month, good work on giving prostate cancer the middle finger it deserves. 

No, seriously. I can't say this loud enough: Fuck Prostate Cancer. 

Prostate cancer is the number two killer of men in terms of cancer, with 250,000 men a year being diagnosed and 30,000 of men dying each year. Since the overall goal of Movember is to raise awareness for this specific men's health issue, I figure it's be important to close the month with a few interesting statistics about prostate cancer. Whether you grew a 'stache that will make Tom Selleck jealous or not, this is stuff every guy should know. These stats come from a national survey called “Mind over Manhood: The Misconceptions of Prostate Cancer,” which was commissioned by Janssen Biotech Inc. 

  • 58% of men surveyed believe that is unlikely they will ever be diagnosed with prostate cancer; in reality, 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.
  • If they were to be diagnosed, 48% believe that it is unlikely that the disease would prove fatal.
  • When given a list of symptoms of prostate cancer (including urinary problems, erectile dysfunction, frequent lower back pain, infertility, swelling of the legs and feet and weight gain), nearly 100% of men surveyed failed to identify at least one, and 89% got two or more wrong.
  • When asked to identify which items on a list were risk factors for prostate cancer, nearly 100% got one wrong.
  • While hereditary plays a significant role in one’s chances of being diagnosed, 50% failed to identify family history as a risk factor.
  • A whopping 40% of men surveyed believe that losing their ability to be intimate with a significant other would be worse than losing their eyesight.
  • Almost half of the men surveyed (45%) would be likely to avoid treatment if they knew that there was a chance of losing their ability to be intimate with another person.
  • While many men are uncomfortable scheduling their own doctor’s appointments, 78% of men would be grateful if their partner did it for them.
  • While African-American men have the highest frequency of prostate cancer in the world, only 27% believe this to be true.

If you're Bros with a Bro over 50 or have a family history, remember to get screened.

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