by KStant on August 8, 2012

1. That Bitch With Too Much Luggage 

Every time, you see some chick struggling with like ten bags, at first you feel sorry for them; maybe think to yourself thinking “I should help her.” But, then a question pops into your mind. “Why the f*ck did you bring that much stuff.” If you can’t carry it, you can’t bring it, simple as that. To limp around airports and bus terminals, pathetically struggling, is obnoxious and for that I have no sympathy.

2. Sleeping People 

Why is it that people my age need to be asleep in pubic? I get it that if you’ve taken a 12-hour plane ride you may need to lay down but other then that you should be able to stay awake. I hate stepping over people in airports who are asleep on the ground, and even worse when they get mad at you for waking them up. Get over it and sit in a chair or go home and get to bed.

3. Fat People 

I’m normally pretty forgiving, but when your sweaty arm is taking up half my seat and managing to graze my boob every ten minutes, I’m pissed. Really pissed. Is it too much to ask to have a seat to yourself these days?

4.That Person Who’s Listening to Really Loud Music

 So I'm looking across the aisle from me at this tool in a green v -neck and I can hear word for word LEVELS. Why is your music so loud? Is it even enjoyable at that volume? I don’t think your cool because you listen to EDM while sitting on a bus. 

5. Those Bitches That Came Together 

I’m guilty of this a lot when I’m with my friends, but I can complain about it nonetheless. There are always two girls that came together and wont shut up. Once they've started there's no stopping them. 

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