by J. Camm on May 6, 2011

According to Lozanov the unfortunate accident of all unfortunate accidents went like this: 

“He told me he was a martial arts expert — he was whizzing it around his head. I went to try and take it off him before he caused an accident — and then he slashed it in front of me. I thought he'd missed but then I felt a burning pain and collapsed. He'd sliced the sword through my trousers and lopped off my pen*s.”

That isn't even the best part. Lozanov lobbied and begged to keep his friend from being put in jail. All he wants Todorov to do is get a f*cking job so that he can buy him a new prick. Heart of f*cking gold this guy has. Todorov was given a six-year sentence for taking your dick and then you, the dickless wonder, have the means to forgive him? I'm floored right now. And torn. I mean, would you save your friend from jail if he accidentally cut your dick off? 
Of his kind actions to spare his friend Lozanov said, “People tell me I was noble to get him released but I want him to get a job so he can pay the compensation I am due. There is nothing I can do to change what has happened — it's in the past. I just hope now that, by helping him, it will help me.” Well if that hack can't find a way to rub two nickels together and get you a new dick then you'll just have to dust off the old samurai sword and… sell it on Ebay. (Note: I went the other way with this one because cutting the guy's dick off won't make his grow back. Plus, you need to be like a expert martial artist to do that anyway.)

J. Camm

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