by J. Camm on March 5, 2012

According to The Telegraph:

Police said Janaka Basnayake, 24, buried himself over the weekend with the help of family and friends in a trench sealed with wood and soil. Mr Basnayake was buried at around 9:30 am Saturday. Police said that when he was brought to the surface at 4 pm, he was unconscious and was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Mr Basnayake's mother, LD Leelawathi, said her son had enjoyed performing unusual acts since his childhood – a liking that grew after watching movies, the Lankadeepa newspaper reported.

So basically what I think Janaka's mother is saying is that her son's death is entirely Ryan Reynolds fault. On top of his mimicry of movies, his mother also claimed that her son had successfully been buried alive twice before for up to six hours. But the best part of this grim, world-record-setting attempt is that Janaka was trying to break a record people WEREN'T EVEN SURE EXISTED. Like no one knows what the record is, or what he even had to do to become numero uno. Kind of a sad way to die if you think about it. But if I know Janake like I think I do, he died in that ditch thinking he shattered the f*cking thing.