by Andy Moore on May 22, 2014


President Obama went on a “surprise” walk today—if I could include more quotation marks I would—and at one point in his journey across the National Mall the Secret Service faced the greatest threat they’ll deal with today: bros.

The incident occurs around one minute and thirty seconds into the raw video. A dude off-camera yells “AMERICA! FREEDOM! PEACE!” and begins running toward the president. Like thirty Secret Service agents mobilize. But it’s just a group of bros. All clear.

Anyway, the entire video is pretty interesting. I joked about the “impromptu” nature of the video-taped, heavily secure walk, but for the people Obama interacts with, it really was an impromptu moment. Their reactions range from speechless to asking the president if he’s “real.” (And Veep fans: check out Obama’s “Gary” rushing over to give presidential M&M’s to the two little kids at 1:10.)

[H/T: @igorbobic]


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