by Matt Clary on February 7, 2012

Teras and his Lithuanian homeboy Donatas Jasiulionis were arrested with the rather large stash during a traffic stop in North Dakota back in 2009. The two were allegedly on their way from Washington State to Chicago with the weed when they were pulled over.

Jasiulionis got his ass out of Dodge and headed back to his Baltic homeland leaving his buddy to face the charges. But luckily for the Cossack, he had a kick-ass lawyer that somehow convinced the jury that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that Teras knew there was an assload of weed in his friend’s car since his fingerprints weren’t on the bags. Maybe he played the “Me don’t speaka no English” card. It only took the jury an hour to decide his fate. That lucky, lucky, Lithuanian bastard.

Jasiulionis will be arrested if he ever returns to the States but officials say he won’t be pursued. He’s free to watch all of the 90s era television and drive all the 60-year-old Soviet cars he wants. If you were wondering if they were the Adidas sweat suit, Kangol hat-wearing types or the hardc*re, ex-Soviet Bloc, prison-tattooed, human trafficking types, take a look for yourself:

“O.K. U.S.A.! L.L. Cool J drops those fat beats yah?”

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