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By 08.21.14

Kid WWE themes

Meet 2-year-old Beckett Sage — a lifelong WWE fan birthed with the amazing ability to match the wrestler with his or her entrance music in a matter of seconds.

The kid must watch a ton of WWE programming. He’s the reason shows like Main Event exist.

Beckett is quick, I’ll give him that, but as the guys at With Spandex point out he might be cheating slightly since he’s staring at a computer monitor. But I won’t be the guy who calls a 2-year-old a cheater. Unless he’s my own son because that kid is a damn cheater.

I could listen to Beckett bark “Bock Leznaw!” all day. Imagine this kid as the mouthpiece for Lesnar instead of Paul Heyman.

“Laties and Genklemens, my name is Beckett Sage, ant my cwient…BOCK LEZNAW!”

And then Lesnar face smashes a man senseless in the middle of the ring while a 2-year-old dances around his carcass.

This is why I need to start booking WWE shows. Ideas like this.

[H/T With Spandex]

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