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Rapper Joe Budden Had An Interesting Approach To Dealing With An NYPD Manhunt For His Arrest

By 08.26.14


“Pump It Up” rapper and *sigh* Love & Hip Hop star Joe Budden has had a bizarre past couple of days, and luckily for us, it’s all unfolded on Twitter.

This all started last weekend, when Budden allegedly grabbed his ex-girlfriend and forced her into a car. As the two argued, Budden stole her cell phone and twisted her arm, before taking her to his New Jersey home, where the attack allegedly continued. She was eventually able to escape and call police.

Via the Daily News

The rapper reportedly flew into a rage after seeing Instagram pictures of his ex-girlfriend clubbing with other men. The woman had broken up with Budden because he was “cheating and hooking up with strippers,” a friend told mediatakeout.com.

After the NYPD had trouble locating Budden, they released a tweet announcing that he was a wanted man –

That’s some real crack police work there, NYPD. Instead of turning himself in (even though he claims he eventually did), he decided to take to Twitter to both defend himself AND antagonize the NYPD during the “manhunt.”

Let’s take a chronological look at how his week unfolded.

He announced that he would be representing himself

He pined for some pussy, although that’s what got him into this mess in the first place

He lol’d at the cops searching his house

He advised his followers to stay away from strippers and bartenders

He live-tweeted a trip to a strip club

He went to a hookah bar in Queens

He went to a diner

He informed the NYPD that he will be suing them

He advised the manhunt to suck his dick

He went to another strip club

He beat off

He helped his friend with the Ice Bucket Challenge

He laughed that there were news vans outside his house

He realized that he shouldn’t have trusted his ex from the start

He started to get philosophical

And now we’re back to real time! Hope Budden gets this all sorted out. Would hate for him to miss the next season of Love & Hip Hop.

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