by Andy Moore on September 28, 2012

The Onion ran an article a couple of days ago that claimed that an “overwhelming majority of rural white Americans” would vote for Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over President Obama. Naturally, the Iranian news agency picked up the story and just ran with it. From CBS:

The story only appeared on the English site of Fars – which, like all other Iranian news organizations, is controlled strictly by the Islamic cleric-led government. By Friday afternoon, the story was apparently pulled down and attempts to access it generated an error message.

It is possible that, due to the tight controls on the internet and news organizations in Iran (and the fact that the story has not yet appeared on the native Farsi language site) that most Iranians will never see the ill-conceived story by Fars.

If the editor in question is still working, it's worth noting, to their credit, that they appear not to have picked up a story on The Onion a couple days earlier, showing a green-glowing Ahmadinejad proclaiming to the United Nations that he was, himself, a nuclear weapon.


The fact that people still believe Onion stories in 2012 is pretty amazing, although we can give Iran a pass. The country's Internet isn't exactly free.

Stephen A. Smith, on the other hand…