by Reggie Noble on June 25, 2012

The 29-year-old Florida man was arrested by police officers on suspicion of drunk driving. He responded by repeatedly smashing his face on concrete and spitting blood at the authorities. This is something you shouldn’t do.

Volusia County Sheriff's deputies said they eventually put a “spit hood” over 29-year-old [him]. They said Smith even fought back while his mug shot was being taken after his Tuesday arrest.

According to reports, Smith stuck out his tongue as an official held his head still for the photo.

Deputies said Smith's eyes were bloodshot and glassy and his speech was slurred when they found him behind the wheel of his vehicle at an intersection in Deltona. He refused to budge when a deputy ordered him out of the vehicle. The deputy then used a stun gun on him.

Shockingly, this was not bath-salts-related.

The only other person with a better mug shot, to me, is Half-Headed Man.

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