by BroBible Staff on July 18, 2012

Tip #1: Pace yourself
In Vegas, the parties are non-stop but remember to stay hydrated by drinking water between every couple of drinks and keep a cool ahead against your limits.  Overdo it and your friends will be hanging out with Mr. Sloppy and no one wants to hang out with Mr. Sloppy.

Tip #2: The Power Nap
This little gem will help you stand the test of time. The trick is to remember that it is called a power nap for a reason…it is short, 20-30 mins maximum. Set you alarm, heck, set two alarms because if you go too far past the 30 min mark you'll be down for the count. Best time to power nap is after the pool parties. Find your rest, wake up with a shower, eat and prepare for sunrise.

Tip #3: Nutrition
Breakfast and dinner are the most important meals of the day. Breakfast gets you started and dinner will carry you through until morning. Figure you’re going to be having liquid lunch at the pool parties, but try to grab a snack at every chance. Eat, or your body will hate you, and don’t worry about the calories, just work off the weekend on Monday.

Tip #4: Keep Shots to a minimum
Sure it's fun to have shots and get crazy with your friends, but these are your guaranteed demise. Do shots to celebrate, 2 or 3 is fine, 4 and you’re playing with fire, 6+ and you’ll lead to the tragic mistake of the classic blackout.

Tip #5 After parties: Worth it?
Absolutely! Afterhours are when everyone takes the energy to whole other level.  It’s not easy to survive a whole night of partying but these parties are known for great DJs and special guests. Every Vegas weekend isn’t complete without it!

Tip #6 Attire: Dress Cool…Literally and Figuratively
It's summer in Vegas and it's hot, period.  Dress stylish, but light.  If you're planning on going in to the pool, board shorts are cool. If you're not, steer clear. In Vegas, girls go all out and guys need to keep up.

Tip #7: To VIP or not VIP?
If you can swing it, absolutely!  Bottle service is always a bonus and adds to any experience. In Vegas, access is everything and securing a VIP package ensures an effortless entry experience, a committed space to lounge or regroup and avoid the often messy bar line.

Tip #8: How to approach Vegas females?
Carefully. Don't hit on the girls… talk to them and be yourself. Your agenda should be to get to know them, make them laugh, have a good time. Come with cheesy lines and you can guarantee you will be attending a Vegas sausage fest of one.

Tip #9: Survival Kit
In your survival kit, it is important to have the bare necessities. Don't forget your Tylenol, sunblock, sunglasses and protection. You don’t want anything to slow you down!

Tip #10: Lodging
Like access, location plays a big role in your experience and a newer venue like the Cosmopolitan Hotel is in the middle of all the action. The Cosmo is the home of Marquee’s day and nightclubs, STK restaurant and a really energetic, young crowd. If you could splurge, the balcony suites provide a great view and generous, high-level balconies that would certainly impress your friends; even those you just met.

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