by J. Camm on March 20, 2014


Thanks to something called Discover Twitter, I just learned today that I’ve been on Twitter since October 6, 2009 and that this wad of shit was my first tweet ever. Please don’t feel the need to comment on that, I’m well aware of how profound it is.

My experience with Twitter has been a long, boring run of wasted time and then some more of that. Not to say that I don’t enjoy Twitter, I do, it’s just that 90% of it is pointless drivel. Such is life, I suppose. So is life, actually.

Anyway, find out your first tweet here and check out a few first tweets from accounts you might know below.

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J. Camm is the Managing Editor of BroBible. He is a graduate of the University of Miami thanks mostly in part to a world-class short-term memory. When not writing drivel on the Internet, J.Camm enjoys golf and the inexplicable satisfaction that comes with forgetting a person's name the exact instant he meets them.