by KStant on June 20, 2012

Step 1-  Instead of going from group to group trying one-liners on different ladies, it’s best to pick one group and stick with them. Become a part of the scenery and develop yourself as a common beach goer, not someone who's there just to hit on girls.

*Although you already know this, you’re much more likely to score a chick if you bring a group of friends. If a guy approaches me on the beach solo and he’s not the hottest guy I’ve ever seen (you’re probably not) you have zero chance.

Step 2- The only way I’ve ever been picked up on the beach is with alcohol (no sh*t) so I recommend to do what they did, come around 4-5 p.m. before the lifeguards leave with a cooler and park yourselves next to a bunch of hot girls, the more the better. Once the lifeguards leave offer them some beers and start spitting game. (Assuming the beach is alcohol free, of course.)

Step 3 – Invite these girls over to your house/hotel later, not right then, no girl wants to hook up sandy and smelling like rancid ocean water. If they’re invited right off the bat they’ll probably say no because they want to go home to wash the stank off. So give them a few hours. By then, their buzz will have worn off and they’ll be ready party.

Another option-

Step 1- The first step remains the same, pick one group of girls, and maintain a spot next to them for the day.

Step 2- Challenge their group to a game but make it easy. I, for one, am not athletic and hate embarrassing myself when playing sports with guys, so keep it simple. Frisbee, that paddle game, whatever… just make sure it’s not something that takes a ton of athletic ability.

Step 3- After that cool off in the ocean. For the record no one wants to make out with a stranger in the ocean so don’t try it.

Step 4- After that, test the waters. Invite all the girls back to your place for a bbq, hopefully you’ve worn them out with your relentless activities and they’re pretty hungry. This is your time to work your magic on the grill and show these ladies a good time.

Good luck, Bros. 


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