by Mackenzie Newcomb on January 20, 2014

1. “Like” one of her pictures on Facebook earlier on in the week. What better way to light the candle than by letting her know she isn’t atrocious looking?

2. Message her that day saying something along the lines of “Hey are you going to _______ tonight?” even if you know she is going to be there, it shows you’re HOPING SHE WILL BE THERE! Bitches love this because it makes them think you are thinking of them sober. 

3. Once you make eye contact at the party/bar/gathering be sure to say hello! Awkward greetings = awkward sex. Make some small talk before heading off to hangout with your friends. Don’t devote the night to her right away, leave her wanting more.

4.  If you both happen to be at the bar at the same time– buy her drink. By waiting until you are both coincidentally at the bar you’ll leave her confused as to whether or not you’re just being friendly or you’re being flirty. Non threatening approach = no serial rapist speculations. She’s getting comfortable around you.

5. Now she’s obligated to talk to you throughout the duration of the drink, up to you to fill the silence– but ask about HER, show her you’re interested (even if the interest will likely run out at 10am when she sneaks out).

6. Talk to her friends, but make it obvious you’re into HER! If a girl thinks you’re flirting with other girls she is a lot less likely to sleep with you. A little harmless convo with another girl is enough to make her want to fight for your attention, whispers in another girls ears are enough for her to write you off. 

7. Tell her to kiss your cheek and move in for the peck. Works 10/10 at letting the girl know you’re interested and 10/10 you at least get the first kiss! She will think you’re playful and not creepy. Girls love guys that want to be cute with them.

8. Ask her if she wants another drink, she does.

9. At this point in the night just devote your attention to her. If she wasn’t turned off by your cheek kissing trickery she is keen AF to hang for the rest of the night.

10. Invite her to get food/smoke some weed. There doesn’t have to be food involved (…there should always be weed involved.) The point is a lot of girls are conditioned to believe if they leave with a guy they are a slut. If you offer them something else in addition they can convince themselves they are leaving for a reason other than your D.

11. If she accepts either of these offers she is down to go back to your place. Its all you from there.

*Note: if she doesn’t want to sleep with you she isn’t going to, but this is how to get it to happen if “god willing” it is meant to be. 


Hot girls pic via Shutterstock. 

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