by Andy Moore on December 27, 2012

High schoolers: We know you're reading BroBible, so this is for you. Ever go through the awkward experience of heading to buy condoms, only to see a former babysitter or 3rd grade teacher in the CVS? Did you handle it like a boss and give the sly head nod? Well, what if that experience took place in front of your classmates at school instead? (“Lemme just… ah, there are the Magnums.”)

That'll be the case at 22 Philadelphia high schools after the Winter break wraps up. They're getting free condom dispenser machines, and here are the details, plus a hell of an opening paragraph by Fox News:

Pens–paper–books–all things you expect to find in schools. Now you can add condoms to the list.

During the holiday break, the School District of Philadelphia will be busy installing free condom dispensers at 22 city high schools.

“In today's world, it's a fact that teenagers have sex. And you know. I don't like it,” said Michelle DiSalvatore whose daughter goes to South Philadelphia High School, one of the schools offering free condoms.

“It's a good thing actually because they're doing it they're having sex to ignore it is stupid,” said Dionne Graham, whose 17-year-old son attends Bok High School.


They're not really putting the dispensers in the schools to encourage kids to have more sex. There's a high STD rate in the area—some kids are even transmitting HIV—and this is a school system that's reaching for all it can.

While comments are about what you'd expect for a story like this (“WHAT'S NEXT, ODUMBA MAKING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL KIDS HAVE SEX?”), we think the idea is a pretty good one. Colleges have been giving out condoms for free for years, and if anything can stop the rate of STDs, it's a combination of education and easy access to contraceptives. Plus, I mean, you're getting to snag condoms in front of your classmates. If that doesn't give you bragging rights, I don't know what does.

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