by Andy Moore on April 2, 2013

So, the high school junior, with the lyrics to “The Motto” blasting in his head, protested the new-fashioned way: He wrote YOLO (and a smiley) on his test booklet, tweeted a picture of his handiwork, and then got hit with four-day suspension.


From WFAA Dallas:

Kyron's mom, Kiana Daw, said the tweet didn't reveal any questions or answers.

“I think it's excessive punishment,” she said. “That's the type of punishment you should get for something really severe.”

In a written statement, Arlington ISD told News 8 it followed established disciplinary procedures:

“Today there was an incident with a student tweeting a picture of an answer booklet for a STAAR field test. We have made an initial report of the incident to TEA and will continue to investigate further. The student has been punished in accordance with district disciplinary procedures.”

When asked if he regrets sending the tweet, Kyron said he's sticking to his message about the STAAR test. Next time, however, he won't share it on Twitter and with a picture.

His message to other students was a simple one: “Don't do it.”


As someone who's expressed a similar hatred for useless tests, I sympathize with Kyron. However, let's nip this in the bud now, high schoolers: Drake didn't invent “YOLO.”

The Strokes did.

Never forget.

[H/T: Buzzfeed]

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