by Reggie Noble on December 12, 2012

The Kate Upton “Bouncing” Supercut Exists

For some reason, this was really popular this year. We aren’t sure why.

Best Kenny Powers’ Insults: A Supercut

Come back, Mr. Powers. We really, really miss you. 

The Christina Hendricks Walking Out Of Rooms Supercut

We hate to see her go, but we love to watch her leave. 

‘You Son of a Bitch’ the Supercut

This line is a staple of any movie worth its salt. 

‘Bad Boys’ Cursing Supercut Proves You Just Can’t Make a Movie Too Vulgar

This has nothing to do with the clip, but you do realize we'll be forced to watch Will Smith's kids in movies for, like, the next 70 years? Ugh. {pagebreak}

WWE Superstars Taking Deep Breaths Is the Worst Supercut Ever, So Obviously We Had to Share

This right here is why the internet exists, warts and all.

Yes, Dear: I Would Like To See A Mike O’Malley ‘Guts’ Supercut

Bet you haven't thought about Mike O'Malley in a while. We HOPE you haven't thought about Mike O'Malley in a while. 

Watch Movie Stars Smack the Sh*t Out of Each Other in This Slap Supercut

Louis C.K. Has No Game: The Supercut

Poor guy. Luckily he has his millions to keep him company.
Bored? Check Out This Supercut of Teachers Dancing Behind Students

This is a thing. This is the world we live in.