by J. Camm on October 31, 2012

According to the Daily Mail

Users are instructed to attach the patch – which is similar in appearance and design to a nicotine patch – 45 minutes before drinking and leave it on until the next day or about eight hours after they finish drinking.

Dr Grossman has claimed that the ingredients – B vitamins, acai berry, vitamins A, D, E and K and folic – are delivered continuously to the bloodstream as opposed to those from a pill which are excreted relatively quickly.

American inventor Dr Leonard Grossman claims ‘only an intravenous stuck in your arm while drinking could be more effective than a Bytox patch’.'

'It won’t, however, prevent you getting drunk and definitely won’t prevent embarrassing and/or regrettable behaviour.'

Thank fucking God for that last part. Now, if only there was something you could put on your dick to prevent STDs and infants. We'd be all set; just grabbing life by the horns. Oh, wait…

This chick knows what's good; why wake up with two regrets when you can only wake up with one? HEYOOOO!

Lastly, after poking around, I noticed this has been out for a few months, if not longer. Has anyone tried it yet? If so, how effective is it?

Read more or by the patch at Bytox.

J. Camm

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