by Mr. T on November 2, 2012

Paulina Gretzky (above)
We shouldn’t be surprised that the Queen of the Twitter took the holiday by storm. She’s all about showcasing herself in outfits and then taking pictures of them. This Halloween she threw on a variety of different costumes including a cop, a ringmaster, deadmau5, a school girl, a belly dancer, and finally a blue-haired Katy Perry. That’s a whole shit load of Halloween parties to go to…




Adrianne Curry

We’ll always remember “The Fifth Element” for the ridiculous outfit Milla Jovovich wore in the eye-opening performance that really brought her to the main stream. Curry brought the look back for the Playboy party at Hef’s mansion this past week. It’s definitely a costume that we endorse chicks wearing more often although as with any costume, it looks better on the floor.


Sara Jean Underwood
Because she looks good in practically anything she puts on that body of hers. Watch the video if you don't believe me. 

Candace Bailey

The beauty of Halloween costumes is that it helps bring awareness to those celebrities that are a little lower on the totem pole, but know how to raise their game. Like in sports, aren’t you looking for those who know how to bring their best when it counts the most? Dressing well on Halloween fits that description and that’s what we saw from Bailey in her Hooters’ girl costume.

Sophie Turner

Holy hell, just look at all that sweet, sweet cleavage. She's my winner.