by Tolly Taylor on February 7, 2014


The Flip Side’s bread and butter is  role reversal. In this video they ask “What if Guys and Girls Changed Roles at the Bar?” and then show their work, making a funny parody based on stereotypes about guys and girls. But just how accurate are they?

What they got right: A lot. Shameless (and cheesy) pickup lines, ogling from across the bar, trying to infiltrate a group of friends dancing together—all stereotypes about guys. Some of the best moments include the two girls walking in and saying, “Freaking taco fest in here” and the girl who offers to buy a round of drinks for a table of three guys, only to get swindled into buying five or six drinks for their “friends.” Best part of all? The girl who pinches the guy’s ass and then gets slapped for it. Classic.

What they got wrong: Not a lot. If we’re strictly talking stereotypes though, I don’t think there’s one where the guy listens to the overly emotional drunk girl’s sob story at the bar. Pretty sure the stereotype would be the dude turning away, throwing up the peace sign, and yelling, “Fuck that.” And one caveat to the girl who pinches the guy and then gets slapped in the face—are we ignoring the laws of physics here? If the 6’6, 250 pound dude slaps the 5’5, 120 pound girl in the face, she’s on the floor unconscious, not rubbing her cheek in annoyance. There would be serious consequences. I mean, I’m all for portraying the role reversals, but let’s do it somewhat accurately?

What they need to add: Aye yay yay. There’s some crucial stuff missing here. Where’s the sexy, slutty bartender that’s using her (or in this case, his) goods to get tips? Big time stereotype. And how about having a female bouncer give her card to hook some guys up with drinks at the bar? Needs to be in there. And finally, what about having two girls off to the side, playing pool and watching sports, mostly oblivious to the guys around them? Now there’s a missed opportunity.

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