by J. Camm on February 26, 2014


Fox News has a blistering erection for this idiot, Jason Greenslate. In fact, it’s the third time they’ve checked in with him in less than a year and — SURPRISE, SURPRISE — he’s still on food stamps and still trying to make his band Rattlife famous. I’m beginning to think this moron is related to Bill O’Reilly or some other Fox News executive and this is their awful attempt to make his music career “happen.”  Why else would you keep giving this fucking scumbag, who refuses to get a real job because making music that makes him no profit is his real job, more fame?

Our country spends over four times the amount we did in 2000 on food stamps. WE GET IT, people are gaming a broken system. I’m no liberal, but you don’t need to send Johnny Popped-Collar out to LA to ask this shitdick if he thinks he’s abusing America every six months to prove your point. Surely there are other people running a similar lazy-ass scam, Fox News should go find them because no matter how many times you put this guy’s face on TV, he’s going to keep keeping on. That much is clear.

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