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Guy Decides He’s Through Smoking Weed After A Nug Starts Magically Moving On His Table

By 07.09.14

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This guy has just about had it with weed, and after watching this video, I can’t really blame him.

People like to smoke weed to chill out, maybe have some laughs, potentially freestyle and pass out; different strokes for different folks. But when your weed starts displaying signs of demonic possession, it’s like, c’mon, weed, you’re freaking me out.

I thought the whole “you don’t know what your drugs are laced with!” thing was just something that parents and Nancy Reagan say to scare kids into not partaking. But you really gotta question what’s in your weed when it starts floating around a table like a goddamn Ouija board. Or maybe stop buying your weed from a voodoo high priest.

Either way, this guy is out the game for good… or more likely, until the next time he’s presented with a blunt.

Brandon Cohen
About Brandon Cohen... Brandon Cohen was raised by Jew gypsies on the sleepy island of Manhattan, and went on to defy the odds by graduating from a four-year accredited university in Nashville, TN. He's a writer and aspiring street fight videographer. Back in 2008, Brandon talked to Amanda Bynes at a club in LA for over fifteen minutes.
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