by woveneric on March 31, 2013

Anyway, let's imagine for a second that Google's prank isn't actually a prank and the big G actually has some sort of algorithmic, photon-techno wizardry for personal smell-o-vision . Let's pretend Google Nose were to become a real thing. Since the Internet is, like, 63% adult content (made up number, but really…), can you imagine how a digital olfactory experience would revolutionary porn? Although googling the scent of pine forests and fresh vanilla sure sounds like a nice way to waste an afternoon, I'm pretty sure Google Nose's biggest utility would be something far more kinky. 

We all know that's exactly what people are going to use the Google Glasses for when they finally hit the market. Why wouldn't people use Google Nose for the same?

Oh yeah: Becaus it's not real. 

Your thoughts? Comments. 


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