by Victoria McKenzie on February 24, 2013

Depending on the girl, this may be true. But if she’s killing your sex life, why are you dating? Studies show that people in a committed relationship have more sex and are happier with their sex lives than those who have a friends with benefits (FWB) dea,l or are collecting one night stands. 

I know some of you are smirking right now and thinking “silly McKenzie, I get laid almost every night I go out and my weekends start on Thursdays.” If that’s true I congratulate you for consistently getting it in. However, sex is even better with someone you actually care about. Instead of just getting off and getting out, you actually enjoy getting her off. Also, after getting to know someone you learn what works and what doesn’t–it’s like fast forwarding through the awkward moments and getting right into the good part.

According to new research, your bachelor buddies are way off about sex dwindling when you’re in a relationship. People in traditional relationships not only have more sex than those in FWB relationships, but they’re also more satisfied with their sex life and the person they’re banging. The only numbers the single bros had that were higher than the taken guys were their number of partners and use of condoms.  As a side note, that may be another reason the couples in relationships are happier. Raw dogging it feels infinitely better than sex with a condom, for both of us.

Here are the numbers to support these theories. I know how you guys love your statistics. No matter what your sport, chances are you follow the stats of your favorite players. So here are the stats for your ultimate favorite sport, SEX.

  • 103: Number of times per year that the average person has sex.
  • 48: Percentage of Americans who report being satisfied with their sex life.
  • 3: Number of times the average couple has sex per week.
  • 2: Number of times the average bachelor has sex per month.
  • 78: Percentage of women in a relationship who get on top during sex
  • 42: Percentage of women who get on top with someone new 

Researchers surveyed 376 people—half in a traditional relationship, the other half single with a steady booty call or in a FWB scenario. Those in a relationship were significantly happier. Obviously it all comes down to what you really want. If you’re not at a point in your life for a committed relationship then by all means spread your seed and rack up those notches on your bed post. Just please, wear a condom.

Xo, McKenzie

Workplace Flirt pic via Shutterstock