by 40oz Omar on July 3, 2013

Sit down at a table with some friends (the more the merrier) with lots of beer at hand and a quarter. One person will start by spinning the coin (you must always sit in the same spot when spinning). While the coin is spinning the player must take a sip of their beer, put his beer down, and then with the same hand catch the spinning coin between two fingers. This completes their turn and the coin is passed to the next player. The coin goes round and round as people drink during and after their turn.

Here’s where the game gets interesting. When a player finishes his beer, that empty beer may be used as a “landmine.” So when another player is spinning, anyone with an empty beer can flatten the spinning coin with it. This empty beer is now a landmine. It cannot be moved or touched by anyone and is a constant obstacle for the remainder of the game. The player whose turn it was must drink and go again. The object of the game is to strategically place as many landmines in another player’s area as possible. There is no limit to how many times a player can be bombed during their turn. For example, if my friend and I each have three landmines saved up, we can make a person go six times in a row without even giving them a chance to pick up the coin. Eventually, they will have no table space to spin and will be forced to quit. A player can lose this way or by accidentally knocking over a “tower.”

Players may also stack empty beers on top of existing landmines to create towers. If, at any time in the game a player knocks over a tower (with the quarter or their body) the beers are stacked back up as they were, and that player is out. However, the player may return to the game if they choose to shotgun a beer. The empty, shotgunned beer must then be given to whoever put the last beer on the tower. We’ve found that towers should not exceed four beers because they are too unstable and will topple with a slight shake of the table. Stacking beers in another player’s face makes it very difficult to spin.

The last man standing (sitting) wins.

Additional Info:

  • Players may not change seats during the game.
  • Rip the tab off of landmines so they can be identified.
  • If you or the coin touches a landmine at any point during your turn, then you must go again.
  • Bottles are good landmines because they are taller than cans and don’t move as much when hit by spinning coins but bottles cannot be stacked, obviously.
  • Make alliances with the people next to you.
  • Make everyone think you’re on their team.
  • Save landmines for later in the game. No one is going to landmine you when they know you have eight beers ready to be dropped.
  • You can get creative with this game. At school, a kid down the hall from me unhinged his closet door and traced a world map on it. This way we could coordinate with other players where exactly to attack: “Next turn, lets hit China.”