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By 04.03.15
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Food Beast

The other night I slammed a bunch of IPAs at some bar in Hollywood and was hit with an incredible case of the drunk munchies. The West Coast being the West Coast, I hit up a Jack-In-The-Box, a fast food treat that us gnarly East Coasters rarely get to experience. Plus, I went to In-N-Out burger for my Animal style burgers the night before. I like to get that out of the way right out of the bat when I travel to California.

At the insistence of my buddy, I got the Hella-Peno Burger Munchie Meal. Not going to lie, it was pretty close to a religious fast food experience: It’s a burger with a bunch of spicy jalapeños and two tacos. In true stoner Braaaaah fashion, it’s only available after 9pm. After I Uber’d back to my hotel, I sat around in a bathrobe feeling like a fat king who just won life. Those Munchie Meals are legit. It’s a damn shame East Coast fast food chains are too fucking pretentious to dabble in the art of unabashed drunk food. Mini-van Moms would probably get their panties in a twist if Shake Shack or Five Guys did something similar. They just can’t appreciate the ratchetness.

What the hell does this have to do with anything? Trying the world’s most gnarly foods is the modus operandi of the dudes who run Food Beast. They are fucking shit up daily in the food blog world, which traditionally loves lame, Pinterest-friendly bullshit like kale and cupcakes. So they made a movie trailer about how dope it is to run the best food blog on the goddamn Internet:

Let’s fucking eat.

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