by Andy Moore on September 19, 2012

We get to Australia. I adamently reject this option. It's the most dangerous country on earth, I say. They have the Taipan, the world's most deadly snake! They have crocodiles everywhere! Were any of you even aware of the stone fish, the great white shark, the f*cking deadly sheep?

But no. No one listened to me. They went to Australia and they should have died, because of all the animals above but mostly because of fire tornadoes.

Oh, that's right. Australia has fire tornadoes. 

The Guardian put this video up today:


A fire tornado, one of nature's rarest weather events, is caught on camera in Curtin Springs, in Australia's Outback. The twister, made of flames reaching around 30 metres off the ground, was caused when a warm, rotating and rising column of air picked up a bushfire.


Horrifying. Utterly horrifying. Never go to Australia.

H/T: @thecajunboy

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