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The 15 Best Drawings From a Spectacular Facebook Group Dedicated to Drawing D*cks on Newspapers

By 05.29.13

The page has been around since September, but we now know about it thanks to a popular Reddit post today. Over 264,000 people, Australians and other dick-drawing aficionados alike, follow daily updates that detail numerous creative ways ink-and-pen artists have corrupted Melbourne's Herald-Sun newspaper. There are some truly triumphant and veiny numbers to look at.

Do the drawers have too much time on their hands? Are they squandering their creative gifts by redrawing a horse as a massive erection? No, and no. They're doing God's work. It's my new favorite Facebook page.

Below are 15 favorites, along with the first thought that popped to mind when I saw them.

This is so dumb.

Gone with the Dick.


Dr. Strangepenis.

Star Dongs.

“Champagne Seman-nova.”

The Ministry of Silly Cocks.


“Why yes, I do think our economy is… growing.”

Business Cock-usal.



Vince Dong.

Heavy Dong-age.

I… I mean, look at the headline…


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