by BroBible Viral on August 15, 2012

  • I'm Not a Vegetarian, Because…Carnivores [theCHIVE]
  • Hottest New WAGs (Plus Sexiest ex WAGs) of 2012 [Bleacher Report]
  • Truck Drills Police Car, Keeps on Truckin' [Gorilla Mask]
  • Subway's Facebook Page Spammed with Cleverly Censored Anime P*rn [HyperVocal]
  • 4 Things I Wish I'd Known As an Awkward High Schooler [Cracked
  • McKayla Maroney Went on Letterman and Did the Face [Uproxx]
  • In China You Feed Hungry Siberian Tigers Live Goats [WAW]
  • Lame Games: Olympic Events, No Longer [TruTV]
  • How to Handle an Aggressive Woman [AskMen]
  • The 5 Categories of Rock Stars [TSJ]
  • If You Like Tattoos, Get in Here [theCHIVE
  • Animaniacs vs. Skrillex [BuzzFeed]
  • Nicki Minaj's Butt Goes Solo [College Humor]
  • Here Is a $1700 Alabama Crimson Tide Tattoo [Busted Coverage]
  • Gabriela Rabelo, Ridiculously Perfect [Brosome]
  • Rihanna Gets Dumped [CelebSlam]
  • The Types of Girls You Bang in College [Elite Daily]
  • How to Remove a Wine Stain [Holy Taco]
  • Shark Week: The Weirdest Sh*t Found Inside Shark's Stomachs [Heavy]
  • Lindsay Lohan's Sweet Ginger Hotness [Hollywood Tuna]
  • When Multiplayer was Multiplayer [Unreality]
  • Charlie Sheen Throws Our First Pitch in Toronto [theScore]
  • Louisiana Teen Needs Bail, TP for His Bunghole [The Smoking Gun]

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