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Here’s Every Single ‘Motherfucker’ that Samuel L. Jackson Has Ever Said In a Movie

By 07.29.14


Thirty-seven motherfuckers….in one movie. That is Samuel L. Jackson’s motherfuckin’ record. It happened in 1997 for Jackie Brown, three years after he stormed the motherfuckin’ scene with 26 motherfucking motherfuckers in Pulp Fiction. In all, Jackson has said motherfucker 171 times in 27 different movies, with three of those movies — Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, and Soul Men — representing more than motherfucking half of those motherfuckers.

Ok, that’s e-motherfucking-nough, Jason.

HuffPo listed them all…

School Daze (1988): 1
Jungle Fever (1991): 7
Strictly Business (1991): 1
Menace II Society (1993): 5
True Romance (1993): 4
Fresh (1994): 1
Pulp Fiction (1994): 26 motherf-ckers
Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995): 7
Hard Eight (1996): 1
The Great White Hype (1996): 2
The Long Kiss Goodnight” (1996): 3
Jackie Brown (1997): 37
The Negotiator (1998): 2
Rules of Engagement (2000): 5
Shaft (2000): 13
Formula 51 (2001): 6
Basic (2003): 2
In My Country (2004): 1
Freedomland (2006): 1
Snakes on a Plane: 3
Black Snake Moan (2006): 6
Soul Men (2008): 24
Arena (2011): 1
Meeting Evil (2012): 1
Django Unchained (2012): 4
Oldboy (2013): 8
RoboCop (2014): 1

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