by Reggie Noble on December 19, 2012

Hours after the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school unfolded, an Austin business owner took to his personal Facebook page to express his feelings.


Now, Eddie Nimibutr is facing a growing backlash and speaking out about the post.

On Friday Nimibutr wrote, in part, “I’m failing to give a damn about the CT shooting. I don’t care if a bunch of white kids got killed. When kids from minority groups get shot nobody cares.” The rest had a fair amount of expletives and was not appropriate for us to publish.

KEYETV spoke to Nimibutr on Monday who offered up an apology, “it was a bad response, I shouldn’t have said it in those words,” said Nimibutr.  “Looking back at it, it was better to say something than to be silent.”

The post shared on his personal Facebook spread rapidly, garnering harsh criticism and set off a war of words.

“I’m a little bit shocked by it and I’m a little bit scared too,” said Nimibutr.

He says he’s been getting death threats and people driving by his house and business.

Right, because if there’s a way to bring a level of civility to the situation, it’s by lobbing death threats.

Everything about this story sucks. Nimibutr buries the valid observation that there’s a racial bias to how crime is covered in this country with idiotic words. Then people decide the only logical thing to do is to kill him.

Pure idiocy on all sides. The saddest part is none of this is surprising in any way.