by Boatshoe Bobby on December 12, 2012

According to the Daily Mail:

Springdale Cleaners, which has ten branches in Ohio, has for five years returned clean clothes to customers with a paper hanger cover which reads: 'Choose Life' and has a picture of the owner's baby granddaughter.

The business is owned by Paul Dehler, 66, and his wife Diane who have run the firm since 1969.

His son Paul Dehler Jr told MailOnline today that his father had introduced the coat hangers because his sister is a member of a pro-life group and they asked about advertising.

Mr Dehler Jr, whose daughter features on the hanger, said: 'If anything it has helped the business. We have had letters saying people switched their business to us because of the hangers.'

One blogger called it the 'worst marketing decision ever' while on a Facebook pro-choice page, on user Lilithe Magdalene said she wrote to the cleaners about the hangers being 'beyond twisted'.

If it were the worst marketing decision ever it probably wouldn't be plastered all over the web.