by Boatshoe Bobby on June 11, 2014


Just a hunch, but we’re pretty sure the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism knows a thing or two about hard boozing. Although this list of the drunkest states in America they’ve compiled, using data and shit, will make you question its validity once you see which state swills better than everyone else.

25. New Jersey-2.39
24. Iowa-2.39
23. Connecticut- 2.39
22. Missouri-2.42
21. Arizona-2.43
20. Hawaii-2.54
19. Massachusetts- 2.57
18. Louisiana-2.60
17. Oregon-2.65
16. Maine- 2.65
15. Wyoming-2.67
14. Minnesota- 2.70
13. Rhode Island-2.72
12. Florida-2.72
11. South Dakota-2.76
10. Idaho-2.76
9. Colorado -2.76
8. Alaska-2.82
7. Vermont-2.92
6. Montana-2.96
5. Wisconsin-3.00
4. Nevada-3.27
3. North Dakota- 3.42
2. Delaware-3.59
1. New Hampshire- 4.65


To see the entire set of data for each state head over to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

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