by Andy Moore on June 20, 2012

I love the way this story is presented by the Daily Mail. It delivers both a real “no sh*t” second paragraph, and an ending quote that sums up the story nicely. 

A woman who drove her car into a golf course's sand pit told police it was because her GPS sent her the wrong way.

Police in Northbridge, Massachusetts say the woman was drunk.

Maione blamed her driving – while entering the course going approximately 45 MPH (72 km/h) – on her GPS system, according to Northbridge Officer Randy Lloyd.

'[Maione] stated her GPS had told her to turn left. She stated that this left brought her into a “cornfield” and once she was in the “cornfield” she kept driving trying to get out of her “cornfield,” Officer Lloyd told the Telegram and Gazette.

He added: 'Ms Maione stated that she did not even like golf.'

Is there a mugshot, you ask? Oh, there's a mugshot.

H/T: Daily Mail

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