by J. Camm on May 19, 2014


Here’s an amazing display of drunkenness that occurred at the Preakness this past weekend. Aside from living the guns-out lifestyle, facts about this guy in the video, according to this guy in the video are as follows…

- He’s writing a book. This makes him an author.

- He knows way more words than people can “begin to comprehend or fathom.”

- He “does” UFC.

- His knockouts take roughly two seconds. And they are capable of coming in bunches.

- He’d have liked it if people at the Preakness would have stopped “being fucking gay.”

- He doesn’t like people with a “hierarchy grin.”

- He went to Penn State and paid $80,000 to do so.

- He’s confused as to why people try to belittle him in his presence.

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