by BroBible Viral on June 27, 2012

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  • Pakour Really Escalated Quickly [The Chive]
  • Model Lena Gercke Is the Best Part about Germany's Euro Team [Hot Clicks]
  • 12 Pictures of Space You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped [Cracked]
  • The 100 Most Attractive Women in Sports Today [Bleacher Report]
  • 16 Hottest Poker Players [Maxim]
  • 31 Things Katy Perry Has Worn on Her Breasts [Gorilla Mask]
  • Awful Sex Tips from Women's Magazines [Guyism]
  • The Problem with the Four-Team Playoff [Total Frat Move]
  • Pick-Up Lines for the Person You're Already Dating [College Humor]
  • Awesome People Hanging Out with Louis C.K. [Uproxx]
  • The 7 Best Comedian Heckler Showdowns [Heavy]
  • How to Get a Reality Show on TLC [Holy Taco]
  • We Love You, Blake Lively [Hollywood Tuna]
  • Mel Gibson Looks Like He's on Bath Salts [Celebslam]
  • How Many Girls Has This Trio Been With? [Unreality Mag]
  • Learn to Drive Like a Badass [Ask Men]
  • How Coffee Changed the World [The Smoking Jacket]
  • The Best Super Nintendo Games in History [Ranker]
  • Here's a Guy Eating a Live Rat [TruTV]
  • See the Two Girls Make Out after Spain-Portugal? [Busted Coverage]
  • Selena Gomez Looks Different [Popoholic]
  • The Ladies of Katy Perry's New Movie [Moe Jackson]
  • Like the Heat and Want a Beej? These Porn Stars Are Here to Help [HyperVocal]
  • A Crash Course in Facebook Etiquette [Elite Daily]

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