by Andy Moore on August 2, 2012

From the post:

Ran into Dave Chappelle outside my hotel around midnight today (8/2). Hung out at the empty hotel bar for a couple of hours and chatted about this and that. Dave ended up inviting us to a hookah bar / Middle Eastern restaurant, but by the time we arrived, it was closing (2:00AM). The owners were gracious enough to stay open for us and for the next 4 hours it was hookah, drinks, and swapping stories. Haven't slept yet, but what a night!

freebass shared a few pictures, too, to prove the night happened.

Cool shit, Dave.

A word of advice, though, to anyone trying to also chill with one of the greatest comedians alive: He apparently hates it if you quote Chappelle's Show skits or are generally a douche in any way. But judging from this Reddit post, if you're cool to Chappelle, he's cool with you.

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