by J. Camm on May 28, 2014


By most accounts, Dan Bilzerian lives a pretty awesome life. Under it all he might be dying on the inside from voids of the heart, but on the surface it’s everything an alpha male could ever want and more. Fast cars, fast women and (presumably) rock n’ roll.

Everyone knows that Memorial Day is one of the most BRO holidays of the year. It’s a perfect blend of love of country and love of booze. Naturally, I was curious how Dan Bilzerian spent his holiday. So here is a blow by blow account from his Instagram. It isn’t a complete picture of his weekend but you can use your imagination to fill in all the blanks.

The journey begins. Dan. On a boat, which is hopefully named is the S.S. Bilzerian. Surrounded by women. Heading to Monte Carlo for the Grand Prix.

They’ve arrived.


Dan’s rental car in Monte Carlo. Real piece of shit it isn’t.


Up in the club. Surrounded by women, as a Bilzerian does.


Dan and his crew of females wake up in St. Tropez. His crew jumps up and down in slow motion. Perfect way to start the day.


Dan showing off his philanthropic side, allowing other dudes to touch his ladies. So thoughtful.


Bilzerian and his gaggle get in a workout while at sea. Notice the human barbell.


The boat Dan has been forced to live on for 9 days. What a hell hole.


The holiday ends. For everyone not named Dan Bilzerian. This photo was taken an hour ago. Still on the boat. Still surrounded by women.


And if that’s not enough Dan Bilzerian for you, here are all of his Instagram videos in one handy compilation…

Ah, this has been fun…

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