by J. Camm on June 25, 2014


Dan Bilzerian has an abundance of “fuck you” money. This offers him the unfettered ability to do whatever he wants, and yesterday, whatever he Dan Bilzerian wanted to do consisted of skewering Millionaire Matchmaker for trying to recruit him for their show.

In almost completely unrelated news: I just found out yesterday that Dan Bilzerian and I are both Pikes. Only seems natural that our currently non-existent friendship blossoms into The Bromance of the Fucking Century — that can even be the title to our reality show on HBO. Dan, BROTHER, call me. We’ll start by playing nine holes and we’ll work our way up to a full 18 from there. I’ll even buy the hot dogs and brews at the turn.

Oh, and just in case he gets an itch to delete that tweet from existence, it shall live on forever right here.


J. Camm

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