by J. Camm on June 24, 2014


Public transportation is a personal, daily nightmare of mine and I’m a guy who doesn’t have to deal with the creep factor. I just have to worry about lunatics or people who smell like they washed their genitalia with a rotten bag of onions. I can’t imagine what riding the subway or bus must be like for an attractive chick. Shit, if I were a hot babe, everywhere I went in this city I’d be carrying a SuperSoaker filled with mace blasting every motherfucker in the face who even looked in my general direction. “Now try to look at my camel toe, asshole.”


One girl found herself sitting next to a creep on a bus. He was trying to read her texts. So here and her friend gave him something to read.

After the creep had his fill, the pair gave the NSA something to read as well. You know, in case Big Brother was reading their texts. 

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[H/T Buzzfeed via Hostagesituation.tumblr]


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