by David Covucci on September 25, 2013

What if they said it would take nine months and it would need to be grown on your forehead? Sounds more like one of those weird internet “Would You Rather's” than modern medicine. But it's serious, and a Chinese patient (nicknamed Xiaolian) agreed to the procedure. Now, his forehead nose (forenose? nosehead?) is about to be stuck where it belongs. So how did #science do it?

The way is to grow the nose by placing a skin tissue expander onto [the] forehead, cutting it into the shape of a nose and planting a cartilage taken from his ribs.

This was the first time the procedure was ever tried, and it sounds like it turned out okay. Gotta give them credit. The thing looks a hell of a lot like a nose. I just hope this leads to even odder body-part-grown-on-other-body-part combinations. An ear growing on a foot. An eyeball on a fingertip. A liver growing out of someone's mouth. If you can dream it, science will make it happen. 

[H/T New York Post

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