by J. Camm on November 10, 2012

From the neighbor's point-of-view, I can understand why he's kind of annoyed. At first he was probably all jazzed to have a whore of this caliber living next to him, but just as it happens with clips of porn, he's grown tied of hearing the same shit over and over again. I'm not suggesting that you tone down your output, but you need to throw this guy some curve balls; he's sick of watching the same movie. Maybe introduce a few new battle cries into your repertoire or, even better, take the lord's name in vain while you scream out everything as it's happening, “THAT'S RIGHT… OHHHHH JESUS OF SWEET FUCKING NAZARETH, RIGHT THERE…DO IT RIGHT THERE!!! NOW FLIP ME OVER AND MOTORBOAT MY ASSHOLE!!”

You know what I'm saying? Really let this neighbor of yours know what's going on. If anything, his note was a cry for more knowledge, poor guy feels left out.