by J. Camm on April 28, 2011

“I live in the underworld. I do not tell people what to do. They know what to do. And if you do not know, do not come to me. I am very petty. I'm very bad man. Dirty.”

“I’m in the bullring. I run in the bullring with the heart of the world.”
“I don’t play. I shoot people.”
“The bad grass never dies.” On the contrary, Charles. Ortho Weed-b-Gon f*cks bad grass in the ass.
“I’m too bad. I’m a mean guy. I’m an outlaw. I’m a criminal. I’m everything bad.”
As for President Obama, Chuck calls him “a slave of Wall Street.” ”I think Obama is an idiot for doing what he’s doing. They’re playing with him.”
And finally, Manson spouted off this smattering of nonsensical bullshit:
“‘We are all martyrs. Love is a martyr… That is why Christ calls attention. So they crucified him. Crucify people and their bodies hung on a cross. And we call ourselves Christians then. So who is the martyr? Who destroys love, or who destroys the destroyer? Is a circle. It's good and bad. Yes, I am a martyr. But I am also a victim. And I'm a performer. And a dam. I'm both. I am everything. I am nothing. Sooner or later the will of God will prevail over all of you. And I was condemned as the will of God. “
I never cared much to learn about his life, but evidentially Charles was an aspiring performer. A musician, no less. And here's a song he likely wrote about some fertile broad. I give you, “Garbage Dump.”

J. Camm

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J. Camm is the Managing Editor of BroBible. He is a graduate of the University of Miami thanks mostly in part to a world-class short-term memory. When not writing drivel on the Internet, J.Camm enjoys golf and the inexplicable satisfaction that comes with forgetting a person's name the exact instant he meets them.

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