by Brandon Wenerd on October 19, 2012

via the NY Post:

  • Male staffers are to be clean-shaven and wear a uniform of Abercrombie polo shirts, flip-flops and a “spritz” of the firm’s cologne — and boxer briefs. All staffers must wear sunglasses.
  • When Jeffries, 68, or boyfriend Matthew Smith make a request, the reply must be, “No problem” — not, “Just a minute,” or “Sure.”
  • Stewards must wear black gloves to handle silverware — but white gloves to set the table.
  • Toilet paper must not be “exposed” and its “end square” should not be folded. “Washclothes are to be tri-folded.”
  • The staffers, described as actors and models, were also instructed to check for fingerprints on the Gulfstream G550 jet, arrange fresh flowers, center salt and pepper on meal trays, properly fold seat-belt buckles — and make sure the Phil Collins song “Take Me Home” is playing when passengers board.
  • On flights longer than two hours, crew members can have a meal — but “if the passengers are eating cold food, crew members are not to eat hot meals.”

A  “spritz” of the company's cologne? That sounds like a nightmare flight from hell.