by Andy Moore on August 28, 2013

That movie clip is from Every Young Man’s Battle: The Movie, which seems to detail the trials and tribulations of a young Louis CK as he's tempted by an obese guy who just wants to socially watch porn. The acting, directing, and general creepiness of the film is unmatched by regular, mainstream entertainment, however—please, take it from me—hilariously overacted and preachy anti-porn messaging is 100% par for the course in Christian media circles. Every church kid grew up with movies like Every Young Man's Battle. It was also a very, very popular book that asked horny, already sexually-confused 14-year-olds to not only abstain from jerking off, but to prevent even “impure thoughts” from entering their minds. Needless to say, this was impossible. 

There's a book to be written, or at least a documentary to be made, about the Evangelical-industrial complex: How clips like the one above—which almost reaches Tim & Eric levels of satire—do such a poor job scaring kids from sin, yet are so common among church youth groups and those in the business of worrying if teenagers are masturbating. Folks in the mainstream never see something like Every Young Man's Battle until it leaks online and immediately goes viral. They should know, though, that stupidity of the “abstinence movement” goes much deeper.

[H/T: Uproxx]

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