by Andy Moore on February 26, 2014


Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park in Berlin, Germany, was recently listed on eBay for only €1.62 million ($2.23 million). Its previous owner ditched the place in 2002 after he was arrested for smuggling millions of dollars of cocaine inside a “flying carpet ride;” it’s been in a state of disrepair ever since.

So is Spreepark haunted? MAYBE. Does it contain the bodies of drug dealers? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. The owners caution that the buildings “are mostly destroyed.” There are trees growing on the roller coasters. What a steal!

spreepark-6 spreepark-5 spreepark-4 spreepark-3 spreepark-2

The ferris wheel still works, sort of, and it sounds just terrific.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? BroBible Kickstarter for Spreepark?

[H/T: Daily Dot]

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