by Andy Moore on September 30, 2013

The official filing of Twitter’s S-1 could come at any time.

Since it has been revising the document for a while and intends to march quickly toward its IPO, Twitter’s first public filing is likely to be more complete than usual. It may reveal, for instance, which stock exchange it will trade on. (The New York Stock Exchange is believed to havesuccessfully wooed Twitter over the tech-heavy Nasdaq.)

Twitter’s IPO price is currently thought to be in the range of $28 to $30 a share, which would value the company between $15 billion and $16 billion. But those figures could still change quite a bit before the IPO.


Speaking as someone whose investment knowledge falls on a scale between “Laughable” and “Potentially Career-Ruining,” I can comfortably say this: Twitter is so fucking important to Internet publishers—on a scale we're just all beginning to figure out—and the company has proven itself capable of doing one thing really, really well… unlike Facebook, which has stumbled every time it's moved from its core concept. They're different companies entirely.

Am I buying stock? No. I don't physically know how. But do I think Twitter is a relatively safe bet? Look: Candy Crush is going public. Twitter seems like Berkshire Hathaway in comparison.

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