by J. Camm on January 2, 2013

This story starts with me being finished for my finals. I was happy to be done however, I was finished before everyone else and basically had a week of boredom in my hometown by myself. At the airport on the way home I noticed a girl waiting in my gate who went to my school. We had never met before but we were both wearing our schools apparel so I felt obliged to talk to her. Also, she was hot. Cute face, blond hair, tiny body. We start talking and found out we were sitting next to each other on the plane and that we live somewhat close to each other. After a bunch of flirting for two hours on the plane, this girl mentions, we will call her Lemon, that she has an open house in a couple of days but is disappointed that she cant throw down in it because no one is around. Naturally I take this as an invitation and say that I will party with
her. Lemon accepts.

A little bit of background for you. I am a freshman in college had just gotten out of a 4 year relationship with a nasty break up. Hence, I have never really experienced a “slut.” So I left with Lemon’s number and a wait of three days to bang this chick.

Leading up it was pretty evident that she was gonna fuck me from her texts, but still jacked off anyway because I didn’t want too loaded of a gun and I was bored as fuck. Anyway so I drive to this girls house about an hour away. I pick up Lemon’s choice of alcohol with the Fake on the way there. Hey if she’s gonna fuck me in her open house, I can go a night drinking Bacardi Raspberry. I knew that this girl lived in a wealthy neighborhood, but her house was literally obscene. Four car garage, indoor and outdoor pool, ridiculous basement. So I get there and walk in the handle. She is there in a tiny little dress that barely fits her.

After a quick tour of her humongous house and three shots, we start fucking. Right there in her living room. I got her on the ground, on the couch, up against the wall, in all positions. Her moans are echoing off her huge walls. No joke, Lemon's dog started to bark back at her. After a good ten minutes of this, I cant help but blow my load all inside her. And so that was our first fucking.

We go back to the kitchen, sling some more shots back and eat a pizza. Once were finished I can tell that this slut wants to go at it again. But then Lemon says hold on and runs out of sight. A little confused and pretty drunk, I was pretty flabbergasted as to where she went and where I would even start looking to find her. Then I hear a call from upstairs to come up. So I obliged. I found Lemon in her room laying on her bed wearing some type off lingerie thing. Anyway this came off pretty fast and I was now fucking her all over her room. I lasted a little longer this time and ended up cumming on her tits. I love sluts. And so this was our second fucking.

I go back downstairs to acquire the handle and brought it back up to the room. More shots and this is where it started to get a little hazy. We started fooling around in her bed again when she mentions that she has a hot tub. Immediately, all I want to do is bang this girl in there. So after another shot I said we should go there. She said she would meet me down there and that she wanted to put on a new bikini. Lemon liked to dress up for me. I didn’t complain. No idea how I found the hot tub but must have been walking around the house completely naked to do so. I found it and got in waiting for her to show up. She was obviously pretty drunk too. She came stumbling into the pool room with her top tied totally incorrectly. I could see both her tits. I wasn’t going to correct. All I remember is that she let me cum on her face because we were in a
hot tub. And so this was our third time fucking.

Both belligerent at this point we somehow made it up to her bed. I woke up completely naked next to her with her staring right at me. I know, creepy. But whatever. The minute I opened my eyes she started sucking me off. Even though I came three times last night I was still able to get hard after some sleep. Again we go at it again in her room. I'm going doggie on her and this time I climax and cum on her ass with a considerably smaller load. Satisfied, I went back to bed.

I woke up she and wasn’t there. I got dressed and ready to leave thinking that this would be the end of it and that this slut had taken enough. I go downstairs and Lemon is there in just a thong making breakfast. This girl was the best. So we talk some and eat some egg sandwiches. Then it began to dawn on me that Lemon is in just a tiny thong and had just made me a delicious breakfast after a long night of fucking. It instantly made me hard. She realized this. Though instead of giving me the lets fuck look. She looked at the handle that still had some work to be done on it. She said her parents weren’t gonna be home until later that night so they should finish it and then I could leave once I sobered up. I did not object. We paced these last 15 shots. It was 11 am and we were both pretty hungover. No surprise right after we finished the last shots, she starting sucking me. This girl was insane.  I was somehow ready to go for a fifth time. This time we did it in the kitchen. I was fucking her on her kitchen table when I pulled out and dabbled three lets droplets of my offspring on her small stomach.

After this we just had a good time hanging around and making out and shit. I thought I was done. I didn’t think I could take it anymore. I had know idea how she could be wanting more, considering I was fucking her very intensely every time and she later confirmed that she had finished the first 5 times. I was finally sobering up getting ready to leave when she mentions the water bed that’s in her basement guest room. I had never even been on one of these so I definitely wanted to try it out. Those things are wild. Anyway we got on it and things started to get crazy again. For some reason I started eating her out. I don't know why because this wasn’t gonna make me hard and just make her want it more. She then returns the favor and sucks me for about 15 minutes where I end up with about half a boner. I am able to get it inside her. I basically bang her with a close to flaccid penis for ten minutes. Don’t think she enjoyed it much but there was nothing I could really have done. I was really starting to regret jerking it earlier this week. However I got it to the position where I was standing up and holding her. Man this girl was light. It started to really turn me on. I was feeling the climax. I pull out with there direct spot to hit her. I felt the shooting feeling but nothing came. I literally shot blanks. Lemon had officially run me dry. I was embarrassed but she thought it was funny. With that it was my time to leave.

In summary, the first girl I had banged since my ex was a raging slut that I fucked 6 times in 24 hours, well 5 and a half. I came on 5 different body parts off her and fucked her in 5 different rooms of her house. Here is the ending to the story: My and I promised that we would tell each other the first time we banged someone else for whatever reason. Literally as I was driving home from Lemon’s house I get a text from her that says this past weekend she had sex with a guy. Hyped about what I just experienced I told her I banged a girl six times in 24 hours to rub it in her face. She doesn’t believe. The timing was to right she says. I was later looking through my pictures and some definitely imply that we had sex more than once. So I am gonna end this with a question. Do I send these to my bitch ex who thinks I am lying just to spite her, or is that too out of line to Lemon and my ex for that matter considering we dated for 4 years?

As for me and Lemon. We still text and I sure hope I will see her again over break if not at school. Also, she told me I gave her a UTI

Why on fucking earth would you and your ex tell each other every time you sleep with someone else? Don't send her the photos, who gives a shit if she believes you or not? Stop this nonsense.

On New Year's night lets say around 2:30 one of my bros picks me up at my house with two girls we had met earlier that night. We had just come from a dinner/dance at a local country club and were looking to get some from these girls that night. Were driving around in a golf cart looking for somewhere we can go swimming. Being a beach community, we head to the ocean looking for an opportunity to get these girls out of their clothes. I have my eye on a cute, small blonde girl lets just call Britney. I grab her while she's dipping her toe in the water and bring her in with me. Almost immediately we are making out in the ocean. The other girl my bro is with starts complaining about the temperature and suggests we sneak over to the club and go in their hot tub.

We cart our way over there while wondering how to get over the eight foot wall barricading the hot tub. After finding a way to climb over, we lose the majority of our clothes and go in. Once in the tub, we begin talking a little bit but we all realize about the same time that we're just wasting our time talking. My bro and his girl go into the locker room to do their thing and this girl and I start going at it.

I could have guessed before that this girl had a little freak in her judging by her demeanor throughout the night but I did not realize what this girl had coming for me. Immediately she's riding my dick and is reaching down rubbing it with her hand. I take off her bra to notice that her nipples are pierced. So now she's riding me and I'm having her stuffed from all different angles. Just before I finish I pull out and she lets me cum in her mouth. Very satisfied I relax in the warm water with her. Getting a chance to look around, my heart nearly stops when I see the surveillance camera pointed directly at us. After thinking about it for a minute and talking it over with Britney, we then come to the conclusion that we put on a great show even though I may be in some pretty deep shit. The other two come out and I head home feeling pretty good about the events of the night. Now I'm just praying nobody finds the video evidence of that night and I'm not about to have my shit pushed in by the authorities.

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