by Andy Moore on April 19, 2013

According to NBC and WHDH, 19-year-old Dzhokar Tsarnaev has been apprehended alive by the FBI and Boston Police Department. Medics are caring for him—it's unclear what kind of condition he's in. Local residents of Watertown just responded to the news with cheers.

This ends an historic manhunt that went throughout Thursday night and Friday day, shutting down the entire metropolitian area of Boston for hours. Various reports say 15-20 gunshots were fired in the suburban area of Watertown during this final stand-down. Flash bang grenades were also reportedly used.

Tsarnaev was found underneath the cover of a boat that was parked behind a home. On Wednesday, he was at a University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth party. Just yesterday, he Tweeted from his active Twitter account. Events leading to his capture have seemed to move remarkably slow, yet that might be due to the time we've paid attention to this story—over 26 hours at this point. In reality, his apprehension came just one day after he seemed like any other normal 19-year-old.

He's not, of course. We'll find out the reasons for his awful and terrible actions when he faces court.

Boston is hurting. And it will for a while. But, hopefully, this will help bring about some sense of closure.

Andy Moore

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