by Andy Moore on June 26, 2012

According to Ireland's Evening Echo, Clinton was in town as a guest speaker at an annual conference of an Irish-American philanthropist group. While there, he hung out with the wedding party of North Cork, Ireland's Patrick Howard and Minneapolis, Minnesota's Kelly Seamans and snapped this great picture.

From the Evening Echo:

Patrick and Kelly, who were married in Annakisha church near Mallow, had heard Mr Clinton was in town but never thought they would get the opportunity to meet the man who was instrumental as a broker in Ireland’s peace process.

It was an amazing sighting for the 35 American guests, with wedding organisers telling them to savour the moment as it would never happen in the US.

Patrick said: “It was a fantastic experience. We knew he was around but nobody knew what he was doing as it was all co-ordinated by the Secret Service.

“He was very gracious and knew exactly where Kelly came from when she described it. I had thought a few times throughout the day what I might say to him, just in case, and I thanked him for all he did for the peace process and being such a friend to Ireland.”

Where will our 42nd president strike next?

H/T: Reader Barry O'Brien

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